Blood Eagle Design Notes I

One of the problems of writing game rules for a very popular genre in which there are a lot of people with as much knowledge, if not more than, yourself is managing expectations.
The first question I asked you all on this page was what warbands you would like to see and you can see the result, literally dozens of suggestions. I did this quite deliberately so I could make an important point: we cannot and shall not write up a list for every possible force you good people might want.
The main reason for this is that if we do you shall have a 200 page monster of a rulebook, most of which the average gamer will never read and would be most unwilling to pay for.
As we have done in IHMN and Daisho we shall pick the common warbands for the genre. These we will create balanced and characterful lists for, using the toolset that comes in the rules. I’m thinking 15-20 at most.
With Blood Eagle, we are looking at producing a well-laid out and legible A4 volume of about 96 pages. Any warbands we write but that do not make ‘the cut’ will end up on the supporting blog as free material. We shall also publish, for free, a detailed guide to writing and balancing warbands of your own design.
Then it will be over to you to use the warbands you like from the book and create those that are not in it. For example; eastern european Slavs. We might do the Rus but almost certainly won’t include the Slavs. So we look forwards to someone creating a well-researched and characterful list for them which we shall be happy to host, fully credited, on the supporting blog in the Player-authored materials section.
It should be noted that we are not at all precious or protective of the warbands we do put in the book. If you want to modify one to suit your own campaign or vision of that warband please go ahead.
The key thing to remember with this is to let your opponent see your homebrew or modified warband list before you play, and be willing to discuss your vision and reasons for creating it.
This will result in some people creating the infamous ‘deathstar’ warbands with overpowered heroes. However, the points system, being geometric, will punish them and if they insist on being ridiculous they will soon run out of opponents.


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