Blood Eagle Design Notes III

Those of you who are familiar with our other rules will know how we treat weapons and armour. For those that don’t, I shall explain. No, that will take too long, I shall sum up: a sword is a sword is a sword.
Our rules divide weapons up by their generic type and function. We do not divide them up by all the historical and geographical variants that can be found across northern Europe, for that way madness lies. We may list some of the common variants of weapon in the notes for the generic weapon (so Saex, Angon Francisca etc.).
So you are going to find types like: fighting knife, sword, axe, axe two-handed, fighting spear, throwing spear etc.
The same goes for armour; leather/padded byrnie, mail byrnie, mail hauberk etc.
Another reason we did this was because we have read, watched and talked to many reenactors and historians. They say the same thing: a sword is a sword is a sword, for all their fascinating little differences.
One last point, any of you looking forwards to your 9th-10th century Vikings using two-handed swords, don’t hold your breath, they didn’t exist (lights blue touch paper and retires to a safe distance).


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