Blood Eagle Design Notes IV

One thing some of you may have noticed if you have read Daisho or IHMN, is that many aspects of them seem compatible. Well, this is quite deliberate.
All three sets of rules have some common talents/skills and mystical/magical powers. Also, there are items of equipment, especially weapons such as swords, which have identical stats. This extends to common animals such as dogs, horses, wolves, bears etc.
The reason for this is we expect that some players might like to run crossover games. After all, who the hell wouldn’t want to run Vikings versus Samurai? Or have a Victorian expedition into a lost land to come across a tribe of Vikings?
As the core rules are essentially the same with some key, genre-based, differences there is no reason you cannot do this.
This began at Salute 2013 when the splendid White Hart club ran a series of demo games across Shaun Mclaughlin’s magnificent Victorian cityscape. In the centre of the board was a blue Police Box with a pair of time-travelling occupants. So you can blame Shaun 😉


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