Blood Eagle Design Notes V

As with its brother publications IHMN and Daisho, Blood Eagle shall include a number of warbands for you to cut your teeth upon. It shall also include the full points system and the method of designing new warbands to suit your own campaigns.


So far the warbands we have completed for the book include:

  • The Franks
  • The Picts
  • The Irish
  • Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburgh
  • The Jomsvikings
  • Jarl Ragnar Loðbrok of Kattegat
  • A Saxon Thegn
  • A Scandinavian Jarl
  • Viking Raiders
  • The Welsh

There are also a few warbands for those who want a more legendary feel to their games:

  • The Draugr
  • The Jotun
  • The Svartalf/Sidhe

Each of the warbands has a generic leader and typical warriors. They also have a few famous characters with which to enhance the force. So, for example, the Viking raiders can be led by a Jarl you name yourself or by Egil Skallagrimsson and his brother Thorolf.

You will note that a couple of the warbands are named after famous literary characters. They were such iconic heroes we really could not leave them out.

One thing that we have tried to ensure is that as many warbands as possible can take women warriors and heroes. In this period, before Christianity came to complete dominion, it was not unusual for women to take up the sword in defence of their people.


2 thoughts on “Blood Eagle Design Notes V

  1. Being a big fan of IHMN I am really looking forward to this. I already have a largish collection of Dark Age figures and terrain and am looking forward to blowing the dust off them for some more adventures!


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