Vapnartak 2016

Vapnartak 2016 @ York
Sunday 7th February

Charles and I, along with our glamorous assistants, shall be attending this year’s show.
We’ll be running participation games of Daisho on two boards for you to come along and try.
We shall also be happy to talk to people about In Her Majesty’s Name and its future, as well as our upcoming project – Blood Eagle.
Look for the team with the natty black polo shirts bearing the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare bowler hat logo.



Blood Eagle Design Notes VI

Historical, heroic and legendary.

One of the things we decided from the very beginning of In Her Majesty’s Name was that we were going to include in the game more than just what was possible from the historical narrative of the time. This we successfully did by adding what some would call ‘steampunk’ elements as well as a range of ‘mystical powers’ based on what the people of the period believed was possible.

When we moved from Osprey Publishing and founded The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare we wanted to expand upon this approach. So, in creating Daishō we set up the three-layer player options of:

  1. Historical,
  2. Heroic, and
  3. Legendary

This allowed us to present players with a choice of running the game in each of these three distinct ways.

With Blood Eagle, we are continuing this approach. So, if a player wants to play historical games, each of the main warbands has a range of troops, equipment and traits that can be used to create a moderately accurate force. It is worth pointing out, we think, that historical ‘accuracy’ is only as good as its source material and the 9th-10th centuries is a mixed bag to say the least.

Many players of this period are steeped in the sagas and chronicles and may wish to have their forces led by heroes able to survive against terrible odd. For these players, we have included the Hero Point system and a range of well-known characters in each Warband list with whom to play. Indeed, two of the warbands are based upon popular heroes – Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburgh and Jarl Ragnar Loðbrok.

Then there are those players who want the full panoply of the period, including legendary monsters, magic in all its glory and weapons of great power. For these there a set of rules on Christian and Pagan powers, a legendary bestiary and three legendary warbands – the Draugr, the Jotun and the Svartalf/Sidhe.


Classic Alternative Armies Sidhe


One thing we have not included are the gods themselves. Their influence runs through the legendary game, but we felt they were just too powerful to stalk the battlefield.