Blood Eagle update!

1. The book is finished, all writing and editing done.
2. Photographs are flowing in from a few brilliant contributors.
3. A Viking reenactment group is gathering soon to provide some live action photos as well.
4. The logo, artwork, some photos and the text are all now in the hands of our layout man Millsy, somewhere in the outback.
5. Our printer, the ever-efficient Vlaclovas in Lithuania, is on standby and ready to rev up his presses.
6. Northstar’s warehouse automatons and modified simians await a delivery near the end of March.
7. Craig’s dining room table has been cleared to allow the building of the Salute display/participation board. Also, 40+ Viking figures that need their paint jobs completing and bases done are shouting at him from the shelf.

All is well, no need to panic…

Here is a picture of some nice Viking girls to calm us down



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