Kattegat goes to Salute 2016

This year, to promote the launch of Blood Eagle, we shall be attending a number of UK shows and running participation games. The idea of these games is to give people a flavour of Blood Eagle in action.

We thought long and hard about the scenario and board we’d like to use for this and decided that we’d do something that people interested in the era could readily identify with. So we chose National Geographic’s fictional dark ages series ‘Vikings’.


In the small town of Kattegat, Jarl Borg is trying to escape the wrath of Ragnar Lodbrok following the discovery of his treachery. While most of his men are fighting and dying around the Great Hall, Jarl Borg and a few of his men try to slip down to the shore and board their longship.

Unfortunately for them, Jarl Lagertha has anticipated this. She, with a handful of shield maidens and villagers, has reached the shore first and are prepared to sell their lives dearly to prevent Jarl Borg’s escape. He has just six turns to breakthrough Lagertha’s thin iron line and reach his ship.


So, all I need to do now is build Kattegat, well part of it anyway. This will require a few houses, a sea shore, a jetty and a longship.

Unlike last year where I scratch built all the houses for my Daisho board, I decided to save time by buying the Viking village pack from our friends at 4Ground. This gave me four buildings. I like the fact that the roofs come off easily so the warbands can fight inside as well as outside the buildings. Each shall be thatched with brush bristles rather than teddy fur, as we are both opposed to the cruel farming of teddies for their fur.

Over the next few weeks, I shall be reporting here on the building of Kattegat stage by stage. So keep your eyes peeled for updates.


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