Need I say more?

Blood Eagle Cover 72dpi


6 thoughts on “Need I say more?

  1. Because we do not have advance copies.
    It’s just arrived at the printers who will need 2-3 weeks to print it. Then it takes a week to get from Lithuania to Northstar in the UK. A week to unpack, sort out retail orders, get it on the website and load it up ready for Salute and hey presto it’s at Salute.
    So there you go, just-in-time delivery.
    To get copies out to Australia and the nether regions of the earth means finding a schooner captain, putting boxes in the hold next to the POHMs, sailing around the Cape of Good Hope and across the Indian Ocean avoiding storms and pirates, before making landfall in Botany Bay. That’s approximately 12-18 weeks by my reckoning, so we’d have to have sent them before Christmas 🙂


    1. No immediate plans I am afraid, as neither of us are fluent in Spanish, German or French, and we cannot afford a decent translator 😦
      It was Osprey who translated In Her Majesty’s Name into Spanish, as they are a big publisher with the resources to do so.


  2. HT Publishers will be translating Osprey games into Spanish (Frostgrave it’s going to be announced this week). I’ve talked with them about Blood Eagle before, but now I could give a serious try 😉


  3. It is a very nice idea, but I think we shall wait until the summer and we have seen how well Blood Eagle is doing before we make any important decisions like that. 🙂


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