Harold’s Revenge, a battle report by Lee Brady

“The Viking Raiders emerged from beneath the trees and gazed upon the lands ahead. A church sat defenceless amongst a collection of wooden hovels. Johan had heard about the One God and the wealth hoarded by His priests.”

And so begins a fantastic battle report by Lee Brady. I cannot begin to recommend you read this highly enough!

You can find it here: http://haroldsrevenge.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/blood-eagle-raid.html

Haralds raid


Uhtred victorious!

Our old friend Tony (aka Shadowking) has sent in the first independent battle reports for Blood Eagle.

In them, his comrade in arms Alec uses the Lord Uhtred Warband to great effect in two bloody encounters. Tony uses Ragnar Lodbrok in the first encounter and a Warband of his own devising in the second.

Shadowking 1

As usual his report is full of photographs of his excellent figure collection. Warning though, some of the pictures are not safe for work due to the terrible violence being meted out by both sides. Many brave men died to bring you this report.

You can find both battle reports here: http://shadowking-shadowkings.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/blood-eagle-battle-reports-raid-spoils.html

We look forwards to featuring many more such reports here, so send them in!


Occasionally I come across a miniature that just seems right, and I was perusing Artizan’s Borderlands range when I bumped into these two Nordic trolls.

The sculpting and the sense of humour in these is just lovely and I shall certainly be getting them when payday comes around.

Now I know many of you are going to play Blood Eagle in its historical context, but honestly, I’d find these hard to resist.

You can find them here: http://www.artizandesigns.com/list.php?man=22&cat=158&sub=212&page=1

Creating your own Warband

Warriors and shield maidens,

We have just uploaded a new file to the Additional Materials page. This is an article on how to create completely original warbands for the Blood Eagle game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the philosophies of The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare let me explain why we have done this. We believe passionately in player creativity and positively encourage players to create their own material, including Warbands.

All we ask is that if you have created something you think is cool then share it with everyone else through your own blogs, the Blood Eagle Facebook page, or here.

Photo courtesy of Craig Thomson @ Tiny Terrain

This article will lead you, step by step, from deciding on a theme for your unique force, to designing different sorts of figures and all the way through to costing the figures and the finished Warband.

In the article, we follow a real example and show you how  we have created a new Warband that is not in the book – the Wends. The full Warband list for the Wends is included at the end.

So, go forth and create, we dare you…


The Warband Cost Calculator

Soon many of you will be hearing the sound of your books hitting the doormat or your mailbox. So we are sharing the Warband Cost Calculator we created to enable you to quickly work out the points costs of your Warbands or your own creations. You can find it on the Additional Material page.

It is relatively simple to use:
1. Put the figure’s name/type at the top.
2. Use the drop down lists in each row to specify your figure’s religion, attributes, armour, weapons, equipment, traits, hero points and powers.
Then your figure’s points cost will appear at the bottom of that column.

If you want to calculate your Warband’s overall cost then fill in the quantity of each figure type in the row marked ‘No. of Figures’ and, through the magic of Excel, your Warband cost will appear in row 33.

You will find that once you have all of a Warband’s possible figure types in the calculator then you can quickly compose a list to a specified points value (i.e. 250 points) just by altering the numbers of each figure type and by fiddling with some of their Warband options.

Rows 26 and 27 allow you to add things not in the normal range of options, such as legendary weapons and armour. For these you shall have to fill in their points cost in the cost column yourselves.

We have produced similar calculators in the past for IHMN and Daisho and we have found them very useful for people who want to create their own new and unusual figures. As many of you know, we at The Ministry actively encourage you to do this, the only proviso being that you agree the new figure with your opponents before play begins. We also look forwards to you sharing your creations with us here, or on the Blood Eagle Facebook page.

Now, we are not Microsoft Engineers, so there might be bugs in there or ways to improve it. Please feel free to let us know about these so we can make it better.

One idea I had, but have not had time to explore, was to also have a full roster sheet at the front which filled up automatically from the calculator sheet so after you have chosen your list for the day you could just print it off (hint, hint…).

Blood Eagle is here!

The game you have been waiting so patiently for is now available from Northstar Miniatures.

You can find it here: http://www.northstarfigures.com/prod.php?prod=8231


The good people of Northstar will also be distributing it to their usual retailers over the coming weeks.


You can also try your hand at the game at Salute 2016, where we shall be running a participation table dedicated to mall of our games. Northstar, under the guise of the Wargames Emporium, will be carrying copies of the rules at the show.

Salute 2016 Board

So the board crafting has begun. I trotted down to our local building trades store and had them cut me some plywood, 75cm square boards.

Then  I acquired an ex-marketing board from work which has a lovely glossy blue surface. I cut the board to fit the plywood square then used Gorilla Glue to bring them together. A few days later, with the two board left under heavy weights, I had my base board sorted. I must admit I was impressed with the Gorilla Glue which has done as advertised.

Below you can see the board with a few of the 4Ground viking houses and a couple of Wargames Foundry figures to give you a sense of scale.

Baseboard 1

The board has to have a seashore and a village by it. So the next stage is to prepare the village ground layer. For this I am using foamboard which I have sprayed with Rustoleum Stone Finish – Mineral Brown. I wanted a hardwearing textured finish that I can then flock and this is an experiment to see if this works. Once this is dry it will be assembled and Gorilla Glued to the baseboard leaving just 6-9” of sea exposed.


The next stage after that will be sorting out the exact village layout before I add the boardwalks, the jetty and the flocked areas.

Once I have it assembled I’ll post another shot.