Blood Eagle Weekly Preview

Well, good people, there are just six weeks to go to the publication of Blood Eagle and, each week we shall put up a page from the book for you to look at.

This week we are putting up the contents page to give you an idea of the breadth and structure of the book.

Contents 300dpi



5 thoughts on “Blood Eagle Weekly Preview

  1. Guy Mirphy

    It’s going to be great! If I may pry, how many figures per side would you need for a normal-sized game? I have a couple boxes of Wargames Factory Bondi ready to go!


    1. We are talking about Warbands of 5-15 figures depending on your choice of figures.
      Usually, these are made up of 1-2 leader/hero types, 2-3 more experienced warriors and the rest being the rank and file.
      Each Warband has quite a variety of figure types and a list of options for upgrading them.
      The rules contain a completely open points system that allows you to design your own Warbands as well.


      1. Sounds great!
        I got my vikings and anglo-danes from Saga (which I never enjoyed too much) and 15mm romano-british and saxons.
        The number of men per warband is just like my cup of tea.

        Can’t wait to grab Blood Eagle 😀


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