Salute 2016 Board

So the board crafting has begun. I trotted down to our local building trades store and had them cut me some plywood, 75cm square boards.

Then  I acquired an ex-marketing board from work which has a lovely glossy blue surface. I cut the board to fit the plywood square then used Gorilla Glue to bring them together. A few days later, with the two board left under heavy weights, I had my base board sorted. I must admit I was impressed with the Gorilla Glue which has done as advertised.

Below you can see the board with a few of the 4Ground viking houses and a couple of Wargames Foundry figures to give you a sense of scale.

Baseboard 1

The board has to have a seashore and a village by it. So the next stage is to prepare the village ground layer. For this I am using foamboard which I have sprayed with Rustoleum Stone Finish – Mineral Brown. I wanted a hardwearing textured finish that I can then flock and this is an experiment to see if this works. Once this is dry it will be assembled and Gorilla Glued to the baseboard leaving just 6-9” of sea exposed.


The next stage after that will be sorting out the exact village layout before I add the boardwalks, the jetty and the flocked areas.

Once I have it assembled I’ll post another shot.


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