The Warband Cost Calculator

Soon many of you will be hearing the sound of your books hitting the doormat or your mailbox. So we are sharing the Warband Cost Calculator we created to enable you to quickly work out the points costs of your Warbands or your own creations. You can find it on the Additional Material page.

It is relatively simple to use:
1. Put the figure’s name/type at the top.
2. Use the drop down lists in each row to specify your figure’s religion, attributes, armour, weapons, equipment, traits, hero points and powers.
Then your figure’s points cost will appear at the bottom of that column.

If you want to calculate your Warband’s overall cost then fill in the quantity of each figure type in the row marked ‘No. of Figures’ and, through the magic of Excel, your Warband cost will appear in row 33.

You will find that once you have all of a Warband’s possible figure types in the calculator then you can quickly compose a list to a specified points value (i.e. 250 points) just by altering the numbers of each figure type and by fiddling with some of their Warband options.

Rows 26 and 27 allow you to add things not in the normal range of options, such as legendary weapons and armour. For these you shall have to fill in their points cost in the cost column yourselves.

We have produced similar calculators in the past for IHMN and Daisho and we have found them very useful for people who want to create their own new and unusual figures. As many of you know, we at The Ministry actively encourage you to do this, the only proviso being that you agree the new figure with your opponents before play begins. We also look forwards to you sharing your creations with us here, or on the Blood Eagle Facebook page.

Now, we are not Microsoft Engineers, so there might be bugs in there or ways to improve it. Please feel free to let us know about these so we can make it better.

One idea I had, but have not had time to explore, was to also have a full roster sheet at the front which filled up automatically from the calculator sheet so after you have chosen your list for the day you could just print it off (hint, hint…).


4 thoughts on “The Warband Cost Calculator

  1. Had a quick go with the cost calculator, but the calculated points costs don’t seem to tally with those listed in the Warbands section of the book. For example, the spreadsheet calculates the base cost of a Saxon Thegn to be 63. In the book he is given a points cost of 57 (pg. 62). This is a diference of 6 points (possibly due to the Leadership +2 being missed off the calculation in the book)? The priest is also off by 1 point (listed as 16+ points in the book, but calculated to be 17 in the spreadsheet).


      1. Just started to put together a couple of warbands and there are several that don’t seem to tally up. As far as I can tell the values in the spreadsheet appear correct – it’s the values in the book that I think are wrong (assuming I’ve typed things in correctly). One error I have found in the spreadsheet is the warband cost (cell A33). It doesn’t include the cost of cell I30.


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