Creating your own Warband

Warriors and shield maidens,

We have just uploaded a new file to the Additional Materials page. This is an article on how to create completely original warbands for the Blood Eagle game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the philosophies of The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare let me explain why we have done this. We believe passionately in player creativity and positively encourage players to create their own material, including Warbands.

All we ask is that if you have created something you think is cool then share it with everyone else through your own blogs, the Blood Eagle Facebook page, or here.

Photo courtesy of Craig Thomson @ Tiny Terrain

This article will lead you, step by step, from deciding on a theme for your unique force, to designing different sorts of figures and all the way through to costing the figures and the finished Warband.

In the article, we follow a real example and show you how  we have created a new Warband that is not in the book – the Wends. The full Warband list for the Wends is included at the end.

So, go forth and create, we dare you…



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