Six days to go…!

So, less than a week to go to Salute 2016 and its craft city here in the Cartmell household.

The Blood Eagle board is just having a few finishing touches applied and the figures are painted though still need their bases finishing then varnishing. The Longship is assembled to the level I want for the game, but I debating how to paint it.

2016-04-10 10.02.40

Down south our very good friend Billy Harrington is putting the finishing touches to his incredible IHMN Gothic cemetary, and we already have his autumnal Daisho board. I have painted the Imperial Nights Watch for the IHMN Gothic game and Billy is providing the Vampire and his minions.

Most of the cards and reference sheets are done and now just need printing and laminating.

Charles has created a huge checklist of things to pack because I am an idiot and will forget things.

Nick and the Northstar boys have plenty of copies of Blood Eagle and Daisho for the Wargames Emporium stand.

All in all, we are well on our way to providing an entertaining experience for any of you who stop by table GF17.


5 thoughts on “Six days to go…!

    1. Honestly Gordon, if past Salutes are anything to go by I’ll be lucky if I have time to take photos. I always say I will but then the punters roll up and its non-stop until closing.


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