Only death is smiling…

One thing you can rely on our friends Tony & Alec for is a cinematic and exciting battle report.

In this instance, there is a valuable boy missing in the centre of a complex set of ancient (Roman?) ruins. Arthur and his knights (based on the Saxon list) face off against a Draugr warband.

Arthur and the Wendol

Unfortunately, there is a complication – armed civilians, which turn out to be the possessors of the ruins, the cannibal Wendol. If you fall here you will end up with a dinner invitation…

So begins the bloodiest battle report we have yet seen, with a casualty figure that climbs into the dozens – I kid you not.

To read more go to Tony’s excellent blog:


Against the Trolls!

IHMN Stalwart Gordon Richards has now turned his attention to Blood Eagle.

Over on his blog you can read the terrific tale of how the brothers Magnusson ventured their lives in an attempt to wrest a legendary sword from the clutches of a band of fearsome trolls!!

Go here to read more of this epic saga:

Against the trolls!

Robin Hood!

Our friends at Northstar have just released an expansion pack for their Frostgrave Soldiers set that allows you to create Robin Hood and his Merry Men. He already had individual metal figures for Robin, Marian and the Sheriff based on the recent BBC TV series.

So, in honour of this excellent idea we at The Ministry have written complete Blood Eagle lists for Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham for Northstar’s website.

You can find the here:

Robin Hood

North of the Wall

Well, later today we begin the long trek from Mid-Wales to Falkirk in Scotland. Google tells me it will take six hours, but they have not met the official Ministry driver – Lorna, my wife.

There we shall be attending:
Carronade 2016
7th May 2016, 10am – 4pm
Graeme High School, Falkirk FK1 1SY

There shall be 30 + Clubs Presenting Demonstration & Public Participation Games, 40+ Traders, a Flea Market and a Bring & Buy.
Adults are £2.50 and Concessions £1.50
More details at:

I am so looking forwards to seeing all you Scots, Picts, Highlanders, Lowlanders and even any English who can get their passports stamped by Nicola Sturgeon 😉

I shall be presenting and running Blood Eagle participation games all day, as well as flogging copies of that and Daisho if any of you are interested.

A report and pictures shall be forthcoming, you have my word on that.